Attempting to change the ISN of a MEVD17.2.2 that was installed in an originally MEVD17.2.7 vehicle.
The ISN manager in Autohex fails to load.
Given the difference in modules, I do not believe the Hexprog II will clone this module either with their differences.

Is there a way to make this MEVD17.2.2 DME work in a MEVD17.2.7 vehicle?

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short answer is no so you can stop and get the same ecu as the original one to get this to work
cloning can be an option, but there are still HW differences so probably you also need to update the software
Was able to perform this task by cloning the internal EEPROM using the file from the 17.2.7 loaded onto the 17.2.2
Vehicle started right up but had a coding fault. Performed coding of the DME and vehicle now functions normally.