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Hello, a BMW 330i E90 with a CCC head unit has had a software update using AutoHex. Everything was working fine before the update. Now after the update only the "BMW" boot logo is available on the iDrive screen and no picture or sound. The CCC head unit normally communicates on ISTA diagnostics and everything is colored green, so the unit is not "dead". I am sending you screenshots from the programming process and error messages from AutoHex in the attached files. Now how do I proceed with emergency programming to bring the system back to life? Thank you.

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HU CIC in e series used MOST communication. But Autohex doesn't have MOST communication. So in this case you have to use a tool that can program the module using MOST communication and adapter. When you program these modules with non MOST adapter it will possibly fail. So please use the MOST adapter and the required tool from BMW that support it.