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Can I use FO2 740LI MSD87.2 and F02 750LI MSD85?
Should it be exactly the same version?
Please tell us.

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I think MSD87.2 and MSD85 have different hardware.
Surely, BMW would not make an MSD87 if it was the same as an MSD85! They cant replace each other, in fact no DME of different family can replace another unless it is an upgrade like MSD80 to MSD80.1. I have once tried MSD80 to MSD81, does not work!!
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Not all people understand that software is written on specific hardware. Here it is not a matter of whether it can upload, because you can probably upload if MCU is the same. The problem is whether the hardware is compatible enough to support all the engine equipment and especially the software wants. This is one of the reasons for HW differences....