James wright
Hi guys. I recently replaced a BMW X5 e70 Lci 3.0d xdrive gearbox. And it's refusing to go into gear. I put ah on and it says not Isn locked. I initially thought it was isn. It's as if there's no signal to say your pressing the brake. Gearboxes looked identical though. If u keep trying to put in gear it says please press brake. BRake lights obviously are working. Might be different mechatroniks slightly. Old gearbox went into gear no problem

Any thoughts ?

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Unfortunately 8hp isn’t supported on e series. So we can’t read the isn.

Change the mechatronics from the old transmission if it’s still ok.
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If there will be possibility to read ISN from EGS then it is possible to write it to CAS ...

only way is to read ISN from CAS of replacement EGS
and then write it into cars original CAS
Alternatively, since the original gear could engage gears, chances are that the EGS could still be okay. So, what you should do is to remove the EGS( gear electronic control unit, it's black in color attached to the valve body) of the original valve body and mount on the replacement valve body; then reset adaptation values.