We have been notified that an obsolete Hextag Hardware Version 1.80 (2020 model) has been cloned by a Chinese pirate company.
The latest version of Hextag was produced in 2021 and we no longer sell this product starting from late 2021.
We confirm the following: 
2- The software is outdated, by best guessing it is a version released in 2021. Note there is no trucks selection (see late 2021 program selection picture).
3- We see in the two videos, first try is getting Error Number 904, we assure that the manipulated software will never be stable, and it may cause permanent damages to the Ecus.
4- We don’t see Power module which is a mandatory item to run all important Ecus/Tcus like Continental, Denso, EDC16 series, ST10 series and all TCUs.
Hextag is out of production since 2021. However, if we see some interests from customers who are seeking 1- cheap, 2- old, 3- not covered by support, 4- and not updatable, we will consider the reproduction.
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