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New Posts failed read bcm022
failed unlock
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Problem reading sid 208 and sid 209

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BAD USB port in unit?

New Posts gpec 2 read for 2014 jeep srt0127
Does anyone have a read off a gpec 2 pcm for a 2014 jeep srt or similar?

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Hexprog2 error REF 952

New Posts Error when reading CAS/EIS/EZS1173
Error -1e0e-

New Posts SID211 Ford Clone +11210
SID211 Ford Clone

New Posts Error 208d1204
Eroored out writing an edc17cp05 ford.

New Posts Mercedes W203 EZS / ECU Cloning3277
W203 EZS / ECU Cloning

New Posts Cannot Read Key Pages. +2322,892 
1 2

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Error when trying to read CAS

New Posts BMW X6 F16 - adjustment of the speedometer +11283
BMW X6 F16 - adjustment of the speedometer

New Posts ref 10020178

New Posts Bettle 20160196
Original ecm damaged

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